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Hmm, this is sort of uncanny, but I've seen that it's always around this time of the year that I make a post asking for prompts. I know because I felt the urge today (I feel like being prompted) and I was checking my past fic entries and I saw that there was also a post asking for prompts in March 2015 and in April 2014. So here's the 2016 edition.

So... prompts?

You know my fandoms (Saiyuki, WK, Inception, LOTR elves, Saint Seiya, Eroica, Arislan...) , and now there's the recent addition of Sherlock (BBC), but I haven't written anything so far and I might not have the handle on the characters yet.

Also posted at, if you'd rather read it there or want to enter a discussion with comment count unavailable comments.
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