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Some pointless ranting, but nothing serious

I'm not a particularly normal, perfectly adapted individual. Like most people in fandom, I'm quite the introvert. I'm painfully aware of these so-called shortcomings (you could argue they are just personality traits, but as they are not exactly encouraged by our society and they make interaction especially difficult in most situations, I don't look at them in a positive light. It's part of who I am, though, so that's all right. Sort of). But I digress. What I'm trying to say is that I usually feel identified with the abnormal and socially awkward individual in a story. I'm also a very secretive person, I share what I want to share when I want to share it, and that only happens when I feel I can trust the other person to understand, not to judge and to keep my secrets. That doesn't happen very often.

That means that, when I'm reading a story and one of the characters have a psychological/social problem/disorder, even when I'm not familiar with their particular difficulties because it's a condition I know nothing about and doesn't happen to me, I feel empathy towards them. And that also means that when the other character, who is invariably a good person with good intentions and a heart of gold, happens to cure the other character's condition just with the power of their love, I call bullshit. But not because I'm against love as an universal cure (I am, but that's not what angers me here), but because there's some implied "I'm fixing you" attitude that drives me nuts. Especially if it happens just after the characters get together, or after the problem is given a name (and thus, acknwoledged) and not from the very start. Before that, everything was fine and instead of "fixing" there was just "accepting". And it angers me because those writers always side with the "fixer" and I feel hurt on behalf of the "fixed" because, suddenly, the other character becomes horribly patronizing and stops being a partner, a friend, to become a fucking savior who knows better. And I can't stand it.

And the other thing. When character A is keeping a secret and character B learns of it (because A trusted in B, because B is not stupid and figured it out, because someone else told B, I don't care), even if the secret is stupid or harmful and killing character A inside, if you fucking tell the fucking secret, character B is not going to say (after some token tantrum) "oh, you did it for me, thank you so much, I forgive you because you did it for love, let's have sex". Because it's not about the secret itself. It's about trust. And it doesn't make me angry because I think it's horribly written, or not seriously researched and/or thought out. It's not about the fic not meeting my high standards. It's about me realizing that I'm always the only one siding with character A. The writer is rooting for character B. Most readers support character B, too. And that's what makes me angry and sad. That nobody understands the importance of secrets for some people, even stupid secrets. Very few people understand weird characters. And, by extension, very few people understand me.

That's what this rant is about.

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