lauand (lauand) wrote,

PIC, PIC, PIC!!! (My i_reverse_bang 2016 entry)

So, here's this year's i_reverse_bang entry. I was lucky enough to get two stories written for my pic by two amazing authors, immoral_crow and SamanthaStephens, you can find them here and here! In spite of the sketchy style, I hope you find the pic intriguing enough to want to read them both.


Also posted at, if you'd rather read it there or want to enter a discussion with comment count unavailable comments.
Tags: pics
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Beautifully done! I love Eames' little smile. Almost creepy. Kudos! ^_^
Yay! Thank youuuuuu!!
I love love love this!
Ooooh! Thank you so much! :D
Thank you so much for this art - it was such an inspiration to me and I loved writing for it so much.
Well, it's me who should be thank you for choosing my pic and writing a story custom-made for me!

Deleted comment

This was awesome feedback and it made my night. Thank you so much!

Deleted comment

(I'm not sure either... Internet and its many mysteries.)

I was a bit afraid that the lighting/shadowing was not worked enough, like too fast and in need of some fine tuning (well, in that sense it sort of matched the line art, ha, ha), so I'm really glad it worked for you.

Again, thank you for your comment (detailed feedback is always great).
You are getting better every time you draw! This is amazing in its feel and details!!!
Oooh, thank you!!

(I was a bit horrified at how stiff Arthur --the one in the waistcoat --looks, but the feel is much more important to me, so I'm glad you liked it!)