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Stuff (not especially interesting)


It seems that the hurricane has more or less behaved itself. Everyone okay?

LJ has changed the buttons on the posting page. It has made them smaller. I'm not amused.

The text copied/pasted from Open Office to the LJ posting window not only needs edition on the separation between paragraphs, it also needs now some serious editing of sentences broken into different lines that should be together. I'm even less amused than before.

This is the third time I edit this fucking entry. LJ, if you're going to fuck up everything that previously worked, don't implement new changes.

I've been reading/watching shit (oh,holidays, I love you so...). My abridged opinion on stuff is:

Wild Adapter: Cool. Minekura is a genius. I want more.

The Authority vol 1 (12 numbers): I'm not much into American comic, but I sort of enjoyed it because the plots were more or less crazy in their premise (even if they got sort out too easily for my taste: surreal problem arise - they go and fix it). And because Jenny Sparks is a  badass leader and it's quite the novelty to find credible tough women out there.

Webcomics: Awesome invention. I'm particularly hooked on one that isn't even yaoi! That's incredible rare for me. One day I have to talk in depth about this topic because there are really amazing stuff out there ("Starfighters", for example). For free. The one I'm most smitten with right now is called "The Pirate Balthasar" and it follows along the lines of "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" made by Disney and with Pirates.

Original fiction: I'm not much interested in it, but I found a site which advertised "Smut with plot" and I couldn't resist. I actually think that's exactly what it contains. Xisney is the author. I also want to write a post about the people in my f-list who write original stuff, but I'm a lazy-ass and never do it.

Published books on paper, the kind you find on public libraries: Well, outside sure bets like Terry Pratchett and some more, they're sort of disappointing to me lately. I read one book for which Orson Scott-Card had written the review "A New Lord of the Rings" or something like that and it was pure shit (well, maybe not sheer, unadulterated shit, I thought it had a good premise and a decent beginning but a very lame development and an even worst ending). I should have expected it, I never liked Orson Scott-Card.

Tiger and Bunny: Probably the best anime since "Saint Seiya" (and that's saying a fucking lot even if most of you don't know what "Saint  Seiya" is.). I highly recommend it. Despite the misleading name, it's about superheroes.

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