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Have you ever wanted to be able to draw but were afraid to post your pics because they weren't good enough? In that case, welcome to the fourth edition of the Fanart-that-looks-drawn-by-a-five-year-old contest! (Or whatever the correct name in English should be.)


Draw whatever scene you have always wanted to draw and forget about the quality because we don't want it here!

Here's a very brief summary of bases and stuff:

Entries: Every rating, genre, fandom, technic or whatever is allowed and encouraged as long as it looks crappy enough (although I'd rather avoid pics of real people or portraying kids in adult situations, please).

Submitting: Post your pic in the comments with a title, the fandom and a caption explaining what we're supposed to be seeing. You can send it to me so that I post it in your name.

Deadline for submission: January 3th.

Please, be aware that there's NC-17 content past the cut! This is not a contest for kids, it's a contest for people who can't draw to save their lives!

Also, please, please, please, no real people!

More details under the cut:

How does this work?

Until January 3th (included), you can post as many crappy pics as you want (only one per comment, please) here in the comments or send it to me via PM or email or whatever you want so that I can post it for you. Include a title, the fandom and a brief explanation or silly caption.

Everyone is allowed and encouraged to comment on people's masterworks.

There will be a handful of categories. Every fandom which gets five of more different participants will be granted a category. That means that categories this year aren't fixed, but they will depend on the participation. Every category will have a winner and a prize. Fandoms which aren't popular enough to get a category of their own will be gathered so that they still take part in the contest. Those categories will be "fandoms I love" "fandoms I like" "fandoms I hate" "fandoms I don't fucking know", or only "fandoms I know" and "fandoms I don't know" if there aren't enough entries.

As well as the fandom categories there will be some more: best NC-17, best AU/Xover and the Special Award.

Unless someone disagrees (let me know, I'm totally open to suggestions and alternative solutions), I'll be the only judge. Mostly because it's the easiest solution for me. My decisions will be influenced by the amount and enthusiasm showed in the comments each pic will receive. The exception to this is the Special Award who is granted by the audience's vote. No, seriously, if someone is dissatisfied with the arrangment, do let me know!

On January 4th, I'll make a post with all the pics ordered by fandom. From January 4th to January 10th, people will vote for their three favourite pics (exactly like last year). The winner will be... well, the winner (of the Special Award).

On January 11th, a post with the winners will be published.

Prizes and stuff

Seeing that I still haven't finished/send out/whatever last year prizes, and that's becoming a source of stress for me, this year I'm going to follow someone's suggestion (I can't fucking remember who did it, I'm sorry!!) and instead of the traditional prizes, this year I'll make some banners for the winners, so the awards are rather the recognition and the pride of drawing shitty but creative stuff.

If some of you are wondering, I still intend to finish the prizes I owe. Only, I'm nor sure when that will be.


Any doubt you have, please, ask me in a comment, or via PM or whatever! There's not such a thing as a silly question. Here I include some brief guidelines, you can help getting the list bigger by asking your own questions about it:

YESes NOes
Stick figures Shota
Text in the pics RPS (Real People Slash) or RP in general
Weird fandoms Photomanips
Het, gen... Old pics not drawn for this contest
Kinky stuff and NC-17 pics
Submissions in other people's name

Personal request

Please, help me pimp this?

Also, I copied/pasted this at the speed of light because I'm in a hurry (I'm traveling abroad in an hour. I like living dangerously). If you spot some horrible mistake, please, let me know! Also, I might not be able to reply as fast as I would like, but I'll try, so be patient with me!

Tags: pics, this life is worth living
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